DIY : Faux Greenery Wall

So-Spaced DIY Greenery Wall

I took a small leap of faith on this one. I had admired greenery walls for quite some time but they always seemed like a lot of work – not to mention they were always in gigantic buildings and they would span the entire 15-foot wall.

Although it had been nothing I’ve seen people do before, I decided I wanted to try a faux version. I’m a big advocate for having living plants in your home but something like this needed to be as easy as possible so I could finally have the look I wanted…and it came out BETTER than expected. Because of that, I wanted to share what I did with you!


I searched forever for pieces of faux greenery that would do the job for me and came across these bad boys. They are from Amazon¬†and were about $25 each (you get 2 in a pack). I bought 3 packs on accident because I didn’t read correctly and ended up with 6 pieces ha! But anyway, they are 16″x24″ each. Because of their size I decided I was going to use canvas stretchers to mount them on. I bought stretchers for 48″x24″ so that I could fit 3 of these greenery pieces on there. You can get those stretchers on Amazon but you can also find them at any arts+crafts store!



Step one: Put the canvas stretchers together. If you’ve never put canvas stretchers together, you’ll find that it is quite easy. The pieces have slits where you can push the other piece into. Do this for all sides until you get what looks like the second picture.


Step 2: Lay out your greenery pieces so that 3 of your 16×24 pieces fit perfectly across the canvas stretchers. They are limp right now so once we adhere them, they will stretch out better!


Step 3: Because I have build canvases before, I have this handy industrial stapler. If you don’t, I suggest either getting one for future projects (they’re less than $20) or try using hot glue. I love using this stapler because I know that nothing will fall apart! Staple each piece into the stretchers – start with stapling each corner of the greenery pieces and then add more if anything seems to be loose from the stretchers!


You’re Done!¬†Stand in awe of your new fun little greenery wall! Can you believe how simple this was?! Now, I know this piece is 48″x24″ but you can go much bigger or much smaller, that is all up to you! I like the way the greenery looks on the stretchers because it looks like the green is growing from there instead of just being put on the wall (which you can also do).

The little wall can stay plain or you can add some fresh cut flowers into it when you come back from the farmers market (I think I’m gonna do that!) xo Enjoy!



  1. Love this so much!!

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