The Wicker+Woven Takeover

So-Spaced Wicker Planter

In the most recent months, wicker has taken over the internet. People are leaning toward a bohemian vibe, which lends itself to wicker baskets, wall accents, planters, and more. The great thing about this is that you can find vintage wicker items on Etsy, in flea markets, or at your local thrift store for a relatively great price. And don’t get me started on how absolutely beautiful wicker can be in your home.

We all already know my style, and wicker plays a big role in getting my home to where I want it to be. The small accents of wicker just add so much character to the space. My overall favorite place to get my wicker accents is Etsy. Not only is it easier (and lazier lol) to search Etsy for amazing goods, but people are finding them for you. It can cost you a few extra bucks than when you find it yourself at a thrift store, but to me it’s worth it.

Here are my most recent wicker Etsy finds:


Wicker plant basket: ForKeepsByAmy


Flat Round Woven Wall Decor : AltheaVintageShop


Boho wicker serving tray : BonniesBasementFinds

and I have one on the way from Wickerandwoven on Etsy as well. She sells the best stuff so head over to view her selection!!



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