Why two different styles can work together

Roxanne McClaren Modern Bohemian home


I used to think that you had to choose one specific style. I used to also think that if you mixed metals or styles then you had already ruined your home.

Fast forward to today where I have single-handedly brought two completely different styles into one room. We have an orange leather loveseat – like hello if that ain’t boho I dont know what is! And then we have a sofa right next to it with very straight lines and hard right angles, not to mention it’s gray…can we get an amen for some modern in the room? Then to make modern even more evident, I’ve placed these brushed nickel square glass-top tables in the room. Accents are mostly bohemian though.

And why does this room work exactly the way it is? Because there’s enough of each style in the room to help it make sense. If you have everything in your home modern all of a sudden you put a wicker basket on the wall, something is going to look off. And that is why for so long I thought you could’t mix styles. But I’ve come to find out that any two (or three) styles can work together as long as you have a purpose behind each piece in the room.

My bright orange sofa offsets the fact that I have 3 big pieces of furniture in the room that are modern because of how much of a statement it makes in the room. Then I’ve placed bohemian accents onto all three of those pieces so that they aren’t overly modern and can still work in the space. You can’t see it here, but I also have a white shag rug that plays off of that white shag pillow behind me.

People say that there is a “rule of three.” I don’t necessarily believe in that exact number, but I do believe that they are correct in the way that you need something else in the room that mimics something else, otherwise it will always look off.

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Wayfair White Shag Pillow

Wayfair Shag Pillow


Nickel Square Glass Coffee Table

Wayfair Square Nickel Glass-top coffee table


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San Juan 3-panel Poster

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