#1 tip to keeping your home unique +  trendy


Vintage home decor #1 tip

We all know the feeling…scrolling through Instagram noticing that everyone has that same Neon sign in their bedroom or maybe it’s getting a bit hard to tell the difference between the rooms of multiple people? As blogging grows and products are linked for your easy purchasing, it’s also just as easy to fall into the trap of your space looking exactly like everyone else’s.

We are huge fans of linking products. Who doesn’t love the ability to know exactly where someone got that wall piece you love sooo much? Get them! Don’t hold yourself back from decorating your home with these items! They’re trendy and usually super fun.

But…what’s the one thing you can do to add some differentiating features to your home? Shop vintage!

With these specific items you can’t tell someone where exactly to buy them because they are usually one of a kind, but you CAN give people the idea to find something similar somewhere else! Or you can shop vintage on Etsy and then recommend that seller to people who are really dying to have some classic items in their home. It’s a win-win. You can be distinct, and you can help people be just as distinct!


There’s just something about shopping vintage/thrifting that adds a sense of specific uniqueness to your home. You are ~most likely~ the only person who has that item, and if you’re not, it looks like you are. And let’s face it, the mixture of new and old just adds such dimension to a space.

A favorite place to buy vintage is Etsy. This is an amazing place to find beautiful things without having to sift through thrift store after thrift store. Keep in mind, you will pay a bit extra for the item because the seller needs to make some moolah of doing the searching for you but it saves you a heck of a lot of time.

But, never pass up a good walk-in thrift store. They have such charm and usually smell like old books (love that smell) so you really can’t go wrong! It’s amazing what you can find in these places. You can even paint/refinish/embellish things you find here to make them look new even though they aren’t. It’s fun!

So, keep up with trends, but also give vintage a try! It could never hurt to add a bit of originality into your space! It is, after all, your space.

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