2018 Decor trends

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We’ve been paying attention people. A lot of attention. There are so many trends this year that re-presented themselves from the past. Vintage items, wood, textures.

Here are a few faves of this year:

The dark statement wall

Statement walls have not only made a come-back but they’ve come back on a more intensified level.  Dark blue, black, Dark gray. These three colors have made their way into the homes of design risk-takers and people who believe in the “why not” idea of design. The people that believe “so if we don’t like it, we change it. But we should at least try.” And those….are my kind of people.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 8.53.51 PMScreen Shot 2018-10-09 at 8.54.36 PM939-Bathroom-Renovation-5


Layered rugs

We’re not sure what started this, but are very happy it’s finally a thing. As times change, so does style, and we are getting away from looks that are TOO minimal and TOO “clean” looking. It’s alllll about texture now…and what better way to add texture than to pile rugs on top of each other?

1-layered-rugsstripe-rugScreen Shot 2018-10-09 at 8.23.50 PM


Mixed metals

Have you been told over and over that mixing metals isn’t stylish? Been told it’s tacky. Been told there’s no reason to. But what about the simple fact that metals are colors…and colors look good together when used correctly. With the recent eclectic and vintage trend, mixing metals is almost a MUST for the look. See how some of these designs are mixing metals beautifully.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 8.28.04 PMScreen Shot 2018-10-09 at 8.30.30 PMScreen Shot 2018-10-09 at 8.32.38 PM


Lots of color

Thanking the design Gods for this one. Last year, gray and white took over Instagram. People thought…that’s how my home has to look if I want people to think of me a certain way. But then, we got bored. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 8.34.37 PMScreen Shot 2018-10-09 at 8.35.15 PMScreen Shot 2018-10-09 at 8.36.24 PM


Plants Plants Plants

Okay, okay. We alllll know this one. People everywhere have decided that plants are not only good for your lungs, but they make for pretty awesome decor too. With so many species, it’s actually really easy for people to find plants that work with their individual home style. My suggestion? Research the plants first. Find out what kind of lighting they need before you bring them home…the worst thing you can do for your plants (and your wallet since you keep replacing them) is put them in a dark room when they need a lot of light or a heavy sun-lit area when they will burn up there.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 8.37.50 PMScreen Shot 2018-10-09 at 8.39.04 PMScreen Shot 2018-10-09 at 8.40.08 PM


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