Friday Feature: Mandi Gubler

"I believe your house should look like you and no one else. No one but your inner design fairy should dictate the way you should make your house feel."

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You’ve either heard of Mandi Gubler, or you’ve been living under a rock. Either way, she’s our Friday Feature and she really is something special.

Mandi is the founder of Vintage Revivals, where she began both her blog and her decorating journey at the same time. If that isn’t inspiring you yet, just wait.

From the very beginning, it was easy to tell that Mandi wanted people to know just how she felt about your home…and that’s that it should be YOUR home. On her blog VintageRevivals she says “I believe your house should look like you and no one else. No one but your inner design fairy should dictate the way you should make your house feel.” Well said Mandi.

Like most DIY folks, Mandi shows her followers how to succeed in their projects and asks for their photos along the way. So, what does Mandi do differently? She transforms spaces like you wouldn’t believe. She takes the “why not” attitude and goes for her vision. And it always ends up beautiful. She’s stirring things up in the design world and here’s why…

1. She’s bringing murals back into the picture. Mandi has decided that walls are so incredibly important in your space that they deserve their own story.


2.  She’s giving us first home-owner advice. Not only does Mandi help you to make      your home more beautiful, but now she’s giving all sorts of tips to help in the buying process before you even GET to the “making it beautiful” process.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 10.46.39 PM.png

3. Mandi has a whole section of her site devoted to her new home and what she is      doing to it. It’s called The Merc. Other than it being absolutely stunning, she is really keeping her followers in the loop with her personal life as well and that is something you can’t just find anywhere. It makes her feel like less of just someone on the internet and more of a friend you’re watching update her home.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 10.51.19 PM


There’s also a bit about her life on there, including stories about her family. She is open about what has gotten her to where she is now, the struggles she has had along the way, and what she has overcome on her journey to following her passions.

When you visit Mandi’s website and Instagram, spend a good amount of time there. You’ll find that not only are you looking at beautiful imagery and rooms, but you’re being surrounded by charisma, passion and a touch of vulnerability. Small projects are a thing of the past. Go see her!


IG: @vintagerevivals



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