Why mood boards will save your (design) life


You’re revamping your space. You’ve already decided what aesthetic you like. You know what colors are going to show off your personality perfectly. You know that you’re into gold over silver and that vintage rugs speak more to you than new fluffy white ones.

But you don’t know how all of this is going to come to fruition.

It can be overwhelming to walk into a store and see so many things you like on their own and the quickly become nervous about what you should and shouldn’t buy because you’re not exactly sure how those items will look together. Then, you end up buying things you don’t necessarily love once their in your home because they weren’t actually the right aesthetic like you thought they were.

Here’s where mood boards come in. These babies can be as detailed as you want them to be. You can take it as far as to research sites and select the exact pieces you want and put them together on a board to see how they mingle. Or you can collect references of things you like but are willing to substitute for other items that have similar color, shape, texture and feel.

Imagine now, walking into Marshalls or Target and having a reference guide of all the things you want. It’s going to be much easier for you to look at your moodboard, assess the item you’re looking at and compare it to what you’ve already compiled. Nothing has to be the exact same item, but it is very helpful when it comes to keeping your aesthetic and mind on track when you are roaming aisles that can fill your brain with 50,000 ideas.

Let’s see some examples of moodboards!



Mood Board_Rustic Rivets_harlow and Thistle.jpg

Each one of these mood boards is unique. They all have different vibes and because the owners (linked below) took the time to highlight aesthetics they want to live together, the process of actually spending money on items will be easier and you won’t have to give yourself  excuses to purchase something “just to see how it looks” and then be stuck with it or have to go and return it. You’ll know what you need from the beginning!

Have fun with it. Mood boards are where you get to be really creative. They are where you have the opportunity to make design choices BEFORE buying anything. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?!


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