The rise of house plants and which ones to buy


We all know the trend right now – house plants. Admit it, you love seeing these little guys taking over your Instagram feed and they are something we can all agree on that are definitely a good thing to obsess about.

Not only are the for aesthetics and beautiful home pictures, they do such amazing things for our air quality…and they may be teaching us a bit about how to care for living things.

It’s time we talk about the top plants we are seeing and why they are becoming so popular.

The rise of the plant-mom has hit hard. People are very willing to spend a decent buck for living additions in their home. Millenials are clearing the plant nurseries and deciding that their money is best spent on things that are a more natural form of decoration.

So what plants are popular right now?

Plant #1 : Pothos

These are super popular right now and our thought is that it’s because they thrive in a variety of places due to their ability to live in different lighting situations. You can pot them as normal or you can hang them! They grow beautifully and very long.


Plant #2 : Fiddle Leaf Fig

These tall leafy beauties are perfect for apartments. They can get tall, but the fact that they are so skinny leaves lots of room in small places. We love to see these in corners of rooms adding that extra touch to a space without being overwhelming.


Plant #3 : Cacti / Succulents

We all know how easy these are to care for, which is why they are so popular amongst younger apartment/home owners. They add a sense of “I have a green thumb” without actually having to have one! There’s also so many ways to make more of these guys by propagating your one and making many! You’ll want these guys to be in a sunlit room but not directly. They grow in such a variety of environments that it’s hard to kill them! Just make sure you know how often you have to water them, because it can be easy to forget!



Plant #4 : Chinese Evergreen

If you want a plant that’s fabulous at cleaning air, you’ll want a Chinese Evergreen. Because they can live in low-medium sunlight, they are perfect for homes that don’t have giant sunlit windows. They can be toxic to animals upon consumption, so do a bit of research before purchasing, but definitely keep these top of mind for your home!


Plant #5 : Cateracterum Palm

These plants can reach up to 6 foot, but indoors they will grow very slowly. These guys are a bit more high maintenance. They need bright indirect sunlight and require lots of water. They like their soil to be damp and need drainage. If you can properly care for these, they are a beautiful additions to your home.

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