Bad night sleep? Some tested tips to sleep better.


Have you been wondering why you wake up feeling like you haven’t even slept? Are there days where you’re not sure you’re getting a proper rest? Sleep is the most important part of our days. It gives us energy, feeds our minds, and helps our bodies restore themselves when the day is done. It can help us fight sickness and improve our mood!

We dove a little deeper into the concept of getting better sleep. We researched and tested some tips on sleeping better, and here is what we found works.


#1 Reduced screen time before bed

  • It’s true. The light from your phone, computer, and even TV can be disrupting your sleep even when your eyes are closed. Reducing the amount of screen time you have a few hours before bed (or in general through your day) will allow your brain to shut down a little easier.


#2 Blackout curtains

  • Is your bedroom getting a little too much light at night…even when your lights are off? That’s because the lights from outside, especially if you live in a city, are seeping into your room through your window. Yes, it’s amazing to have completely clear windows with no coverings, but it could really be hurting your sleep pattern! Blackout curtains are worth the investment. Your body will be all “it’s dark gotta sleep.”


#3 Change your mattress

  • Your mattress can play a huge factor in creating a poor rest. Think about it…if your body is uncomfortable throughout the night, you are most likely tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable spot to rest in. This endless motion is keeping your body awake! Maybe it’s time to check out your bed options?


#4 Stop snacking too late

  • Your body needs time to digest. We’re no doctors but what we do know is that if your body is digesting while you’re trying to sleep, it can’t solely focus on your sleep…which is what it should be doing. Depending on the type of food you eat, you can also be irritating your body with gluten or dairy and that in itself is enough to keep your body up.


#5 Drink water before bed

  • We know. Sometimes you get nervous to drink liquids before bed. You’re scared you’ll wake up at midnight having to pee. And the reality is, you might. But dehydrating yourself before bed is worse. Think about it…we need water. Are you waking up dehydrated in the morning? That’s because you haven’t drank anything in 8 hours and your body is like “what the heck?!” If we can get energy from water, then not drinking it is depleting the energy!

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