Runnin' on a budget


We join a gym to look good outside of it, but why not have the same mindset while we’re there. Memberships are expensive – our routine doesn’t have to be. Keep reading for some tips on how to save money & look cute while doing it.

It’s all in the bag

A cute, practical gym bag can *literally* be your first step into the gym. Fun patterns & shiny metallics will liven up your pre-workout spirit. Shop for a bag that screams “let’s get moving.” Off-price stores, such as Burlington & Marshalls, have options to match whatever pattern sparks the athlete in you.

The OTHER pre-workout

Introducing a pre-workout that doesn’t give you jitters. Skincare prep is just as important as scrubbing away sweat after the gym. ELF carries an amazing line of gym makeup – yes, you heard that correctly. ACTIVE can be easily found in drugstores at super low prices!! It’s the perfect ~subtle~ glam




LBL – little black leggings – are the LBD of the gym world. Skip the $100 Lulu’s (i love you, but…) and look for something more practical. Target has incredible Champion leggings for less than $40. These look great on all shapes & sizes. Shop the different styles to show off your favorite part of your legs.

PSA – they are squat test approved, so show that butt some love too!

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