Battling Burnout


Have you ever sat down, evaluated the day, and let a tear roll down your face while you wondered how you got so tired?

Burnout: physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.

Burnout is real. It’s exactly what happens when you’re doing too much at once and your brain quite literally cannot handle it all. It can happen if you are on the road too much. It can happen if you are a side-trepreneur (made-up word for entrepreneur on the side of your day job), if you’re a stay-at-home mom, if you are part of multiple clubs while taking classes at school. It can happen to anyone at anytime.

Finding the cause of your burnout can be easier than you think. If you are coming home at the end of the week feeling like if you do one more thing, you will die, then you’re burned out. If you’re overly tired everyday at 7pm after getting home from work, you could be burned out. If you find yourself making comments like “I can’t even think straight I’m so tired” then we want you to take a look at what could be causing this feeling.

First: Figure out if you are feeling this way all the time or only after specific days, then look through what you’re doing in those days.

Second: Evaluate where most of your time is being spent and how much time you are actually spending doing that. If it’s multiple things, combine the hours you’re doing both. For example, if you work 9-5 and then come home and work on your business from 7-10 everyday for 5 days then you are working 11 hours per day. That’s a lot.

Third: Think about whether what you are doing most of the time is draining your mental energy or exciting it. Are you drained after your day job that you consistently get frustrated at? Frustration and stress are main causes of burnout.

Last: Decide what you can do to keep yourself from burning out. Does selfcare at the end of the day relax you? How about watching movies or binging netflix? Some of us prefer to have some company during these times to keep our energy up. And others want to just crawl into bed, read a book and head to sleep. The point is that whatever you need to do to cure yourself for the day, do it. Once you’ve gotten ahold of how you can battle your burnout, try to create patterns that help you avoid it.


Ways to avoid burnout

  1. Planning and tracking time
  2. Eating healthy + exercising
  3. Being intentional about selfcare
  4. Meditating
  5. Setting a bedtime
  6. Weekly mental check-ins (ask yourself how you’re doing and what you can do better)

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