Money Mindset: living in abundance


Living in abundance means just that…living with more (and being okay with it). Too many times we are harsh on ourselves or others about having money, things, vacations. Too often we feel badly for making money!

The bottom line is if you are doing work, you deserve to be making money…no matter what that work is.

Some of you may have grown up with a little to average household income. Some of your parents may have always been stressed out about financials…maybe even so much so that your family life suffered. Maybe the media has deemed money (or those with it) as evil or selfish.

Whatever the reason, if you have a negative outlook on money, it’s time we change that.

First, let’s dive into why we are having these negative money feelings. Do any of the above reasons resonate with you? If not, think about where this mindset came from.

Then, let’s list some reasons as to why money could be negative and then list all the reasons it could be positive. Try to do this as it relates to your own life and not what others do with it.

Now, go over your list even if it’s a mental list and evaluate if any of the negatives are things that are able to be changed regardless of the amount of money you have. If so, you now have less negatives.

But, living in abundance doesn’t just mean buying everything you can when you can. It means being able to fulfill your needs when you have them, and then not feeling bad about doing so. Think about it, is the home you want or the vacation you want really hurting others?

If you’re still bothered, think of all the ways you can use your means to help others. People who do retreats, those who host masterminds, people who run shelters and nonprofits…they do this all with money. Whether it’s donated or raised, you can bet there are some dollar bills involved.

Sometimes we need to be okay with living in abundance so that we can help others live in abundance too.

In order to stop feeling bad about making money, we need to start feeling good about the ways we are using it….or we can just stop feeling bad for making money for doing work.

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