5 podcasts about nothing...that are kinda about everything


Podcasts are a great way to get some midday education. Maybe you listen to them on your car ride home from work to get tips and tricks on how to be a better business person, or how to be more holistic. Maybe you listen to them to inspire you to start a new path in life.

But have you ever just listened to a podcast that each week had a different story to tell? Each week you are surprised and excited about the episode because you can’t ever guess what it’s going to be about. They’re podcasts that kinda about nothing but about everything at the same time. Because of this, it feels very intimate. It feels very one-on-one and it even feels like a real life conversation with someone over your speaker.

Here are some podcasts we want you to listen to right now:

The Bitch Bible
If you need a good laugh, you’ll want to tune in to Jackie’s podcast. She quite literally will have you crying in your seat. Her ability to lead in to various topics from one sentence to the next is amazing and her “idgaf” attitude is highly relatable. It’s time we’ve listened to something real.

What We Said Podcast
Influencers Jaci and Chelsey have a friendship we can all relate to. Their wit and charm is easy to love and even easier to tune into every week. They really talk about what their fans want and rarely do we get shows where fans can be important assets to the cast. They ask real questions like “What was your worst first date story” and have their community answer. It really is such a pleasure to listen to.

Gals on the Go
Students listen up. There’s finally a podcast that incorporates your everyday struggles with trying to be a real adult and person. The girls go over their travel adventures while going to school and how they do it.

Kalyn’s Coffee Talk
If you need a pick me up, tune in to listen to Kalyn. Originally (and still) a Youtuber, Kalyn goes to town on talking about whatever she is feeling that week. She finds it important to talk about her average struggles in order to relate to ours. The podcast is a breath of fresh air and you can’t help but to listen over and over again.

That’s So Retrograde
Get your interview on. This podcast talks about everything…and we mean everything. They bring on guests to talk about things like breakups, comedy, instincts, and more. The podcast really is a week-by-week surprise and we are living for it.

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