Squashing fitting room anxiety


Getting into a fitting room isn’t great, let’s be real. For some of us, it can actually create loads of anxiety. The lighting is always weird and all clothes fit differently so we never know what’s going to happen once we close the door and start to try things on.

The simple fact of the matter is that no matter what you do, the clothes are going to fit how they fit. So what we need to do is change our mindset about how they fit and decide what we are going to do to change our outlook on the dreaded fitting room.

“The dressing room experience can either be a place of empowerment and confidence or it’s a place filled with fear and judgement. Ultimately, like most of life, it’s a choice you have the power to make. Only you have the power to choose your perspective on how you view your body. Telling myself I am beautiful, I am strong, I am more than a body – these affirmations help me throughout my life and serve as reminders for me to remember what I value about myself.”
– Rachel Rhee of @justdimpleit




Here are some ways we can squash the fitting room anxiety:

Pull multiple sizes to try on
This may feel weird, but the truth is that no two stores are similar so if you are trying on a 6 in forever 21, that doesn’t necessarily mean the same size will fit in express. So, to avoid the dreaded “can you get me another size,” let’s just be proactive and take 2 sizes in with us to begin with! This way, you always have 2 options and one of them will most-likely fit better.

Pick out different colors
Girl, not everyone looks good in the same colors. So, when trying on a risky color, also bring in a color that is tried and true. If you decide you don’t like the more risky color on yourself, you still have an option of a color you already know you like on your body. If you do end up liking the risky color, it will 100% give you a small confidence boost.

Take someone with you
By take someone with you, we mean take someone trustworthy with you. Take someone who will tell you what doesn’t look good just as fast as they will tell you when something looks amazing. It’s hard to hear someone say they don’t like something but it’s amazing to hear someone else tell you everything good about a clothing item that you’re missing because you’re too focused on your body underneath.

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