Prepare your (tired) self for New Years

Cheerful young woman holding single sparkler in hand outdoor. Detail of african girl celebrating new year’s eve with bengal light. Closeup of beautiful woman holding a sparkling stick at party night.

The Holidays are over for 2018…but don’t forget about New Years. One of the most intensely celebrated holidays world-wide. The lights and fireworks, parties and celebrations.

Only problem? We’re exhausted from all the celebrations with just had for other holidays this season.

So how do you prepare yourself for the biggest part of the year?

Use the time between: Thank goodness for you, you have some time to chillax between Christmas (or other holidays) and New Years. Take the time to relax, seriously you’re going to need it. Spend some extra time in bed or on the couch.

Say no to going out: You’ve just partied. You’re exhausted. The holidays call for more going-out than usual but maybe you need to say no a few times before New Years hits so that you have more fun and more energy when that day comes. It’ll feel weird to say no, but you may thank yourself New Years Eve when you can stay up after the ball drops.

Try some new recipes: Let’s face it. When there’s new food to try, there’s more fun. Have you been dying to try a new recipe? Perfect timing. This way, you’re excited to go to your New Years party because you have something to show off.

Exercise, exercise, exercise: How were those cookies? Amazing, right? So is their ability to drain your energy. With trying to eat a bit cleaner between parties, try getting moving too. Your body will thank you.

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