Something (unexpected) that should be part of your New Years Resolutions


The hustle mindset made its way into everyone’s resolutions the past few years. The idea that never taking rest and always working meant that you were more successful or more hard working than others. It meant you’d probably get that dream job you always wanted or make more money than you’d ever hoped.

The only thing about that hustle mindset is that it leads to burnout. It’s part of the reason people start and end things so quickly, and why you haven’t seen your loved ones for some time.

We want to challenge you to put relaxing more on your resolutions list.

That’s right, we want you to put down the computer, the phone, the notebooks. We want you to fill your schedule with just as much relaxation as you have working.

We want you to spend more time this year focusing on your well-being and less time pulling all-nighters.

We want you to work harder, less days. And we want you to relax, more days.

The idea is that when you do work, you’ll be more effective because you have relaxing built into your schedule. Yes, that means you have nights in with Netflix planned on your calendar. That means you have breakfast with friends on your schedule.

Because, out are the days of barely keeping your eyes open at dinner. Out are the “we never see you anymore” texts. Out is the feeling of never doing enough.

We challenge you to put it on your resolutions…will you?

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