Food as a form of self care


The food we eat is more than just flavor. It’s more than just a saturday night binge or way to gather friends and family. Food is the ultimate form of self care. When you eat for your body, you set the tone for creating a healthier, more sustainable life.

Food is usually the first thing to go on our lists of self care. We’d usually much rather get a massage, have a bath, or meditate. But, the reality is that without food, we wouldn’t be able to do any of those things. Fueling your body is the first step to being able to care for yourself in other ways.

Food affects all things from mood, to energy, to strength and comfort.

Let’s chat about all of these separately, shall we?

Your hormones are important. We mean really important. Your hormones are responsible for all of your moods and even a lot of your health issues. Being able to identify what your mood means in terms of food is a skill set we want you to master. Hangry doesn’t mean you need ice cream or mac and cheese. It means you’re not giving your body the FUEL it needs. And we know, that you know, that cake doesn’t fuel your body correctly.

Your energy will eb and flow like anyone else’s. But, have you considered that your energy levels are a strict reflection of what you’re consuming? For instance, processed sugars can give you quick highs and then drastic lows. Man-made carbs too. Your best bet is to eat more things from the earth that give you consistent energy levels. That way, you’re not concerned all the time when you’re “too tired” to do anything.

This is not just for people who love the gym. We use strength in all aspects of our life, even getting out of bed in the morning. What we take for granted everyday can be taken away from us should we not give our bodies the nutrition it needs to function.

This is an interesting one. A lot of us find comfort in certain foods. You know the ones…usually sugary or fatty. It’s okay to have a night with your favorite comfort foods. But, we want you to also understand that that’s exactly what they are, and the more we keep track of them, the less comforting they will be for us. Finding ways to make those comfort foods healthy is easier than ever with blogs, pinterest, and recipe books.

For more on this topic, we urge you to listen to Kalyn Nicholson’s Coffee Talk Podcast episode HERE

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