Essential oils for anxiety and stress relief


Some natural oils have calming and anxiety-relief qualities. If you’re looking for a more natural way to relieve some of your stress, natural oils are a great start!

Here are some natural oils and what they do:

Lavender oil is usually used for insomnia, depression, anxiety, and natural stress. It’s said to keep you in deep sleep for a longer period of time, and induces a calming effect on the nervous system. You can diffuse the oil into the air, or purchase a roll-on to rub on your skin.

Neroli oil can help stop excessive worrying. The calming effect can alleviate heart palpitations and help with stress-related depression. This is because the oil contains strong sedative qualities, allowing your body to physically and mentally relax.

Not only does Bergamot oil relieve stress, but it’s also said to help improve your overall mood. Studies have shown that bergamot oil can reduce blood pressure and heart rate, too!

Need sleep? Chamomile is famous for its calming effect in tea. The same effect applies in the oil. It is sleep inducing, and can help you on day where you just can’t get to bed. Again, like a few of the above, it also has depression-relieving qualities.

How to use:
You can breathe in any of these oils or you can diffuse them in oil diffusers. Before diffusing oil, make sure to check which ones are okay to diffuse if you have animals. Some animals do not react well to certain oils, and we want our fur babies to be happy and healthy.

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