How important is skin care in your 20s?


You’re still young, but now is the time to start taking skin care seriously. Unfortunately, your skin can start to stretch out as early as your mid 20s. That’s right, your 25-year-old skin could be getting itself ready to fall. But, if you take advantage of the time you have now, you can seriously get ahead of your skin health.

To keep your elasticity, you’ll need to…

  • Wear sunscreen whenever possible (yes that means even if you don’t see the sun)
  • Start using vitamin c (Vitamin c is a common ingredient in anti-aging products)

  • Moisturize every night and morning

To avoid early wrinkles, you’ll need to…

  • Wear sunglasses (you’ll avoid scrunching your face)
  • Drink plenty of water (hydrate from the inside, out)
  • Avoid the tanning bed
  • Invest in eye cream

Look, we know that aging is beautiful. But, why not take care of your skin while you’re young so that you can have the best skin possible, for as long as possible? To us, it’s a no-brainer.

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