You don't have to give up pasta : Some healthier options

healthier pasta options

If you’re looking to continue to eat pasta in the new year but would love an alternate to the nutrient-lacking starch, we have options for you. There is nothing better than a good mac and cheese, or a lasagna for a cozy dinner. But, what can you do if you want the flavor but don’t want the fat or calories? We wanted to make sure we could describe these well, so we’ve tested them for you.

Here are some healthier Options:

Brown Rice Pasta: If you’ve tried whole wheat pasta and enjoy that, here is a good option for you. The brown rice gives the pasta a nuttier flavor than some of our other options.

Quinoa Pasta: While the texture of quinoa pasta can be more on the softer side, the actual taste doesn’t stray too far from regular pasta. In fact, with sauce you can barely tell the difference.

Chickpea Pasta: High in protein, chickpea pasta is a great option…especially for those who love chickpeas. This option definitely tastes more like chickpea than regular pasta but if you’re someone who loves that flavor, you’ll love this.

Zoodles: So this option is a little further from traditional pasta. Because zoodles are just zucchini (or other vegetables) made in a spiralizer, the flavor isn’t even close to regular pasta. BUT that doesn’t mean they don’t taste great. In fact, they taste really good and usually have a great texture to accompany your sauces.

Edamame-based Pasta: If you want a pasta with a great texture, this is perfect for you. It has a slight edamame flavor, but because that flavor is already mild, it’s not a deterrent. This option is PACKED with protein.

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