Organizing your room for optimal self care

Self Care Bedroom

Your space is sacred. Everything that is in it should be too. This means all items, clothing, food, etc. When you walk into your room you want it to feel safe and comforting. You want to know that no matter what the circumstance, your room can be a space for optimal self care.

The big question here is…what does optimal self care look like for you? What things do you think of that immediately trigger feelings of comfort, joy and calmness? What items do you believe help you feel better when you’re not feeling well (mentally/physically)? Is your room filled with the correct colors/words/patterns?

Once you’ve made a list of things that apply to your personal self care, try to gather them. Put them near each other in the room. Have a space inside your room that you dedicate to your self care. Does that look like a bed full of pillows and soft blankets? Either place them on your bed or near your bed for quick grabbing. Do you like music or books to calm your mind? Try putting together a drawer or shelf where those things live so that when you’re in need of it, you know exactly where to find them. There’s nothing worse than searching for something when you feel you need it immediately.

Once you’ve organized where those things belong, make that space itself organized and clean. The cleanliness of that space will elicit even more positive emotions about it.

Ideas for things for your room:
Lots of pillows
Heat therapy lamp
Drawing materials
Yoga mat
Face masks
Inspirational quotes/self care messages

Places for these things:
Drawer in bedside table
Organized space in your closet
“Self care corner”

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