Runnin’ on a budget

We join a gym to look good outside of it, but why not have the same mindset while we’re there. Memberships are expensive - our routine doesn’t have to be. Keep reading for some tips on how to save mon…


The rise of house plants and which ones to buy

We all know the trend right now – house plants. Admit it, you love seeing these little guys taking over your Instagram feed and they are something we can all agree on that are definitely a good thing …


Why mood boards will save your (design) life

You’re revamping your space. You’ve already decided what aesthetic you like. You know what colors are going to show off your personality perfectly. You know that you’re into gold over silver and that …


Friday Feature: Mandi Gubler

"I believe your house should look like you and no one else. No one but your inner design fairy should dictate the way you should make your house feel."


Handmade Pillows to die for

“Each piece is carefully hand cut from eco-friendly European Linen, Linen Blends and Faux Leather. Each pillow is sewn individually by hand and with the highest attention to detail. We embrace slight …

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 8.53.51 PM

2018 Decor trends

We've been paying attention people. A lot of attention. There are so many trends this year that re-presented themselves from the past. Vintage items, wood, textures. Here are a few faves of this year…

So Spaced Fall Home Decor

Fall Decor for your home style

Fall decor has hit the shelves and sometimes we walk through the aisles feeling forced to buy things that just don't fit with our home style. Brightly colored orange pumpkins, autumn leaf wreaths, etc…

Roxanne McClaren Modern Bohemian home

Why two different styles can work together

I used to think that you had to choose one specific style. I used to also think that if you mixed metals or styles then you had already ruined your home. Fast forward to today where I have single-h…